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Changing background of an image

Using Photoshop, you can change the backdrop of the image entirely. You can make anyone appear somewhere else, and it is very easy and does not take much time.

First of all, select the photo on which you want to work and then open it in Photoshop. Select polygonal lasso tool from tools palette and make a selection around the image which you want to add. Now, after making the selection, go to select and click on inverse from menu. Then, press Del key to remove the unselected or unwanted part as you have to add a new background to the image.

Now, choose a new image which you want as the new backdrop. You can choose a new image beforehand and crop and resize it and keep it ready for use.  Go back to the selected portion of the image and go to select menu. From the menu, click on inverse and this will select the cut portion of the image as well as the plain background. Now, copy the image, the new image which you want it as the backdrop. Press Ctrl + A to select all and then copy, which is Ctrl + C.  Then, go to edit menu and then select paste. After this the file will spread into the selection. This will be the final image with a changed backdrop.

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