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Installing Outlook 2007

You can install Office Outlook 2007 to upgrade your old version of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook Express is an email program which comes with Windows.


1. Insert the Microsoft Office 2007 Suite CD into your CD ROM. The Microsoft Office 2007 Installation Wizard will automatically run by itself. You will see a screen which enables you to choose from several Microsoft Office applications to install on your computer.

2. Check the option button for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and then click Continue.

3. On the next screen, you will be asked to type in your 25 character Product Key. You are not required to enter the Product Key now. Microsoft Office system allows you to run its programs up to 25 times before you are required to enter a Product Key. However, if you have purchased the software, you can find the product key on the sticker of the CD case, or in the confirmation e-mail message received from an online purchase.

4. Next, you will be prompted to accept the terms of agreement. Check I accept the terms of this agreement check box and click continue.

5. Office installer's next screen gives you the options to install Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 now or customize the application. Clicking on the Customize will enables you to configure installation modules for the application.

6. In the customize screen, you will see four tabs which are language, installation options, file location and user information. Go to installation options. Select Install on First Use in the Microsoft Office drop down menu located at the top. After that, go to each individual program and choose Not Available for all the application except Microsoft Outlook. When you come to Microsoft Outlook drop down menu, select Run from My Computer. After you are satisfied, click on update to install Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on your computer.

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