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If you need to call someone but you forgot where you hid your contact list; you know that you need to do something but cannot find your planner; it was your mother’s birthday but you did not remember a thing about it; you had an important e-mail that you were not able to read on time. These are all the problems that pop up when you least expect them.

As a solution to these problems, Microsoft developed Outlook to come with every Microsoft Office package. The latest release was MS outlook 2007 which is a scheduling calendar, a daily planner and journal, task manager, contact manager and a web browser all in one. But the best feature that MS Outlook offers is its email preferences. It will help you read, organise, follow-up and find the e-mails more efficiently than viewing your email in a web browser in which you need to open a new window. Hence, this means more time to work and less effort looking for the email. It would even give you an alert you when you receive a new message on your email. Outlook groups the messages automatically which lets you get to the mail faster and it will be easier to navigate. And since the e-mails are grouped, you can delete all read or unwanted messages at once. Another great thing about outlook is its ability to filter junk messages and block messages from unwanted senders.

Another application on MS outlook is the calendar. Here, you can see other people’s shared calendars side-by-side with your own. These calendars are categorized into several types: local calendars, public folder calendars, other users’ calendar or the events list from Microsoft’s Service Team.

MS Outlook will also have a contacts list for you to store the important numbers and addresses. And help you meet deadlines; the task manager will alert you if it is the due date of your tasks or projects.

All in all, the MS Outlook is a very helpful application that helps you organise, update and keep things in track.

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