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This page is applicable only if you are writing tutorials for me, please read it, as it will form the basis of any agreement between us! It is also intended to help you format and create text about a particular tutorial or education sheet for our sites and visitors and be clear on my requirements.

Our editors will check your work and will be used on our site only if it is up to a good standard and meets the following criteria and guidelines! Anything less; very strictly will not be used.

  1. The tutorial must be written in good English!
  2. The tutorial must be spell checked!
  3. The tutorial must be original, it cannot be plagiarised or copied from elsewhere, and this will be checked!
  4. There is no restriction to the amount of words you can use for each tutorial i.e. it can be between 200 and 2000 words in length, however; you must not:
    1. Use excessive words to fatten out the text, or ramble on to bore our visitors.
    2. Use too little text, as not to appropriately explain the tutorial, our visitors must understand clearly what you have written.
    3. Obviously a little common sense is required, some topics and subjects can go on into infinity, in these cases put the most relevant and important information as a first text then we will create more texts to expand on the subject or topic.  
  5. The amount of words contained in the text is always at the writer’s discretion, this provides artistic licence to create a masterpiece, and obviously is dependant on the subject matter as to the size of text, neither do we want to put a limit on!
  6. The content is not primarily provided for search engines; it is for users to gain some benefit from the tutorial itself and find your text informative enough to come back and use the site frequently and to actually be useful to the reader!

    Search engines come second on our list! If you can also optimise then this would be useful but you must not sacrifice or add text that interferes with the users reading pleasure or is (on the other hand) detrimental to search engines, although we do not care for optimisation we do not want to upset any search engine either.
  7. Please ensure the content is actually a tutorial! One writer sent us a text that just rambled on about a subject and was an article! At the end of his text I can quite honestly say I learned nothing, this is not good enough, a tutorial is nothing like an article and must teach the reader about the intended subject.

    As previously explained an editor WILL go in after you and check your work, if your work does not follow the requirements above we will simply not use your text! So please bare careful consideration to these requirements.

  8. Please ensure you mark each tutorial with what it is at the top of the page: i.e. model number, program version, or site page etc. for instance: if the tutorial is about “dreamweaver MX” (version) you would not write just a generic term like “dreamweaver” please be specific on what the tutorial is about, as you know each version of a program can have a different set up process, the same as one site can have many pages or a product many model numbers even although it carries the same name!

Submission guidelines:
As for the quantity of submissions you should make!
I sometimes (actually; more regularly now) get a lot of submissions per day, all these submissions have to be checked and edited and passed etc. before they are accepted on to the site so although i have two editors at present this can still slow me down across my sites, initially i would say submit as many as you can and we will try and keep up, if we cannot cope our end i will ask you to slow down a little! We would like to get the job done in an efficient but quality controlled manner so that everyone benefits from all our hard work!

Payment guidelines:
If you are being paid for your work and this is not a donation to the site itself then; From my side of the fence it is better to do job lots of several articles and pay for say 5-10 or more submissions at a time; this cuts down on any clerical work (i.e. lots of small processed payments) and provides more time for submissions etc. so everyone can do more in other areas! I am like the main drive wheel in the process and if I slow down so does everyone else, it is a pain really but that is the way it is, I delegate quite a lot but there are some jobs I cannot get out of.

From your side of the fence you need to be sure you get paid for what you do for us! For this you need trust, to a certain extent I will be guided by you initially and you let me know what you would be happy with, and eventually when you are sure and happy we will increase the amount of submissions before you get payment, I want you to be happy with the situation and be sure of who you are dealing with! So let me know initially what you would be happy with.

If we point you to a category or section of a site, we mean we would like you to write about that section and category only! And usually all the pages under it, you need to remember that we sometimes have several writers on one site, we avoid confusion by not making it a free for all and specify sections or categories you should work in! Pages under that section or category are at your discretion and if you see something that could be added or improved upon please do tell us!

If you find other topics that would be applicable and good enough for a good tutorial and does not exist in that section or category then you have a free hand to write about it and submit it to us!

I already have several writers that have worked with me for several years, it is my hope that we can build a good relationship and trust between us so that you may become part of my/our team, I am fairly stiff on my requirements but at all times never unreasonable this is so everyone benefits from our work, not just you or me but people using my sites, this way there is no confusion and we all know what we are doing, at any time should you be unsure about anything please let me know and to that end would like to welcome you on board.


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